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  • What Is Cardano Blockchain9/15/2018 10:52:49 PM. Basic introduction of Cardano Blockchain and its ADA cryptocurrency.
  • R3 Launches Corda Blockchain Marketplace9/12/2018 8:48:10 AM. R3, an enterprise blockchain firm behind Corda Blockchain has launched a preview of Corda marketplace that developers, partners, and vendors to collaborate, design, develop, and promote their solution
  • R3 Fails To Join In On Settlement Coin Blockchain Project9/7/2018 1:30:20 AM. It has been reported that R3’s proposal to USC’s bank members to build a blockchain consortium, Utility Settlement Coin (USC) on its own Corda platform instead of Clearmatics, has been unanimously rej
  • R3 Launches Corda Enterprise7/13/2018 1:22:39 AM. R3 has recently announced that it has launched a new version of its Corda blockchain platform with unique Blockchain Application Firewall for businesses.
  • Corda 3.1 Released5/7/2018 6:14:55 AM. Corda 3.1 is available now with some major fixes and improvements.