Corda Enterprise 4 Released

R3, the leading enterprise blockchain software firm, announced the release of Corda Enterprise 4, the latest commercial distribution of the open source Corda platform.
Source: Medium Blog 
According to the company, the latest version sees up to double the transaction through-put of version 3. And new features coming with version 4 ease node deployment and deliver enhanced security with Hardware Security Module (HSM) support. You will get improved high availability deployment configurations for Enterprise customers using DMZ environments.
The R3 team said that version 4 ships with a performance test suite, which allows customers to optimize performance on their specific infrastructure.
Regarding Enterprise-Grade Security, the R3 teams said that as HSMs are a standard and critical component for many enterprise deployments the Enterprise 4 ships with signing key in HSM support for well-known HSMs. That includes Azure Key Vault, Gemalto Luna and Utimaco.
Users can now host multiple nodes behind the R3's unique Blockchain Application Firewall to massively reduce the overhead of operating a complex multi-identity environment and increase security for end users.
Grant Jones, VP Fusion LenderComm at Finastra noted, "With business decisions now being made daily based on security, privately shared facts between financial institutions on Fusion LenderComm we made the natural transition to Corda Enterprise. This commercial distribution of the Corda platform will ensure the high levels of performance, security, and privacy needed as the network continues to grow and deliver much-needed transparency and efficiency in the syndicated lending market."
For full details, you can visit the release notes or, you can visit the announcing blog.