R3 Launches Corda Enterprise

R3 has recently announced that it has launched a new version of its Corda blockchain platform with unique Blockchain Application Firewall for businesses.
Corda Enterprise is “specifically optimized to meet the demands of modern day businesses, especially complex institutions.”
Now the companies can select a version of Corda which fits their needs. R3 has also confirmed that the applications which are available on the regular Corda will be functional on Corda Enterprise also.
In the official press release R3 states “Corda Enterprise includes the world’s only Blockchain Application Firewall, which enables the platform to be deployed inside corporate data centers while retaining the ability to communicate securely with other nodes anywhere else in the world. This is a critical requirement for many businesses when selecting a blockchain platform.
Corda Enterprise runs across a common layer of identity, consensus, and governance which allows businesses to transact openly and flawlessly with all their business partners, without trapped assets or islands of information.
Corda Enterprise have some more features including -
Source: R3
Managing Director and Global Blockchain Technology Lead at Accenture, John Velissarios, shared his views stating -
“Corda Enterprise marks the beginning of a new phase for the blockchain industry that will allow businesses to build enterprise-grade applications securely using cutting-edge technology. As blockchain becomes increasingly mainstream, we believe Corda will emerge as a true market leader across the financial industry and beyond.”
Corda is already being used by many of the industries including financial services, healthcare, shipping, insurance and many more.
This step of R3 is innovative and will definitely bring out some best results now, let us see how do the industries respond to this new version of Corda.
To learn more, you can go through the official press release.