What is Lisk Blockchain

Lisk is an open source blockchain platform for developers to build their own white label sidechains using JavaScript. List platform let you create your own sidechain, customize your sidechain, convert sidechain into a complete application, and then test, deploy, and promote the app to the List community.

Lisk platform includes three tools, Lisk Commander, Lisk Elements, and Lisk Core. These tools are still in development stage.

Lisk Commander

Lisk Commander aims to be a low entry point and the most convenient tool for developers who are looking for an efficient way of coding with a command line interface (CLI). With Lisk Commander, it is easier and quicker to plug new commands into the CLI than building a Graphical User Interface (GUI) around every command. This will facilitate delegates, node operators, contributors to the Lisk codebase, developers using Lisk’s infrastructure (and anyone else who’s interested) to make use of Lisk’s functionality from the command line with ease.

Lisk Commander allows you to communicate with a remote or local node and carry out Lisk-related functionality using an interactive or non-interactive command line tool. Going forward we’ll be adding more commands to provide a comprehensive suite for all your Lisk-related needs.

Lisk Elements

Lisk Elements is a JavaScript library for Lisk - the cryptocurrency and blockchain application platform. It allows developers to create offline transactions and broadcast them onto the network. It also allows developers to interact with the core Lisk API, for retrieval of collections and single records of data located on the Lisk blockchain. Its main benefit is that it does not require a locally installed Lisk node, and instead utilizes the existing nodes on the network. It can be used from the client as a browserify compiled module, or on the server as a standard Node.js module.

With the support of Lisk Commander, Lisk Elements and Lisk Core, you will end up with your own white label sidechain. Of course, next you will want to add more functionalities to make your sidechain an unstoppable decentralized powerhouse.

The Sidechain Development Kit (SDK) features a growing collection of modules for programming a blockchain application customized to your needs. The SDK consists of four powerful tools: Lisk Commander, Lisk Elements, Lisk Core and the Lisk Hub. Each tool has its own respective role.

Lisk platform and its projects are available on Github: https://github.com/LiskHQ