Lisk Hub 0.9.0 Released

Recently, Lisk has announced the release of Lisk Hub 0.9.0 for the desktop application for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
The version has several improvements including -
  • View of votes from non-delegate accounts
  • Updated main menu
  • Transaction detail page tweaks
  • Other UI and UX tweaks
With this new update, Lisk Hub 0.9.0 has some new features to the account page which allows users to view votes and voters only from the delegate accounts. An “Account Info” tab has also been added which presents the list of all the delegates that the account voted for.
Source: Lisk Hub
The company has also updated the main menu icons to fit it into most of the screens of different sizes along with the removal of “More” option which previously yielded the sidebar with all of the items.
The company is working for the better optimization of the UI on the laptops with different resolutions such as for small resolution laptops the menu will be scrollable for now.
Along with these updates, the company has also done some improvements in the UX part also to improve the user experience of using Lisk Hub. The details of the transactions now will be displayed in numbers so as to reduce the confusion among users. The company has also made some changes in the Wallet section which may look the same at first sight but it has different behavior in some cases.
Source: Lisk Hub
You can download Lisk Hub from GitHub
To learn more you can go through the official announcement