Yield Guild Games’ $12.5M Token Sale Sells Out In 30 Seconds

Recently, Decentralized gaming startup Yield Guild Games announced the successful completion of its public sale, in which the entire token allocation was sold in 31 seconds.
Yield Guild Games said that in all, 25 million YGG tokens were sold, raising a total of $12,496,000 in USD-pegged stablecoin USDC. The sale was held via MISO at SushiSwap. It began at 14:00 UTC (10:00 am EST) and lasted just a total of 31 seconds.
Source:  Yield Guild Games
With the succesful token sale completion, the launch of the YGG DAO is now officially underway, said the company. One of the very first tasks of the DAO will be distributing tokens to the YGG community as a way of rewarding their early participation in the guild. It will also serve to properly onboard them as DAO members.
YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon, said, "Now, we are looking forward to kicking off our community airdrop where YGG tokens will be given to the most active and engaged members of our guild, especially those who have been with us from the beginning."
Gabby said that the guild’s development is on track with the roadmap and that Community Mining will begin soon. Approx 45% of the total YGG token supply is reserved for the community and will be slowly dispersed over a four-year period, with the first allotment being distributed via an airdrop of tokens.
Well, YGG tokens are now available for trading on decentralized exchanges.
Earlier, the company raised $1.3 million in March which garnered interest from the likes of Delphi Digital and BlockTower Capital, among others. The project also scored $4 million in June, led by Bitkraft Ventures with partaking from ParaFi Capital and Mechanism Capital.
To learn more about YGG DAO, and subDAOs, you can read the YGG whitepaper here.