VMware Introduces Project Concord With Better Scalability

VMware, a Dell subsidiary, announced its open source blockchain infrastructure, Project Concord on Thursday which is said to be both scalable and energy efficient. The project has been 2 years in the making and was previewed at the VMworld conference in Las Vegas this week.
The blockchain uses Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus protocols to deliver a functioning distributed trust system: one that is both “safe” and “alive.” It is a generic state machine library that can handle malicious (Byzantine) replicas.
Source: blogs.vmware.com
Guy Golan on the VMware Open Source Blog wrote, “We are thrilled to join the robust and thriving open source blockchain community and together deepen and broaden a shared blockchain vision focused on true trust decentralization. It uses a linear communication consensus protocol—many other BFT consensus protocols (including PBFT) require quadratic communication” and “exploits optimism to provide a common case fast-path execution”. It is also said that it “uses modern cryptographic algorithms (BLS threshold signatures)”.
After two years in the making, Project Concord has undergone extensive research which went on to be published over the last few months. This week’s previews and the subsequent release is the first time the company has publicly acknowledged the work and effort that has gone to this new blockchain infrastructure.
The source code has already been made available and was published on GitHub recently, with the intention of adding new features as the project moves forward. The team on GitHub is welcoming contributions from the community but with a signing of a license agreement as a foremost requirement.
You can learn more about the new blockchain infrastructure and what it holds new on the official blog post.