Upcoming Event: Part 2 of the Conference on Crypto/Disrupt Technology


3-Part Conference on Crypto/Disrupt Technology
Part 2: Decentralized WWW 


Event Time and Location

September 18th, 5:00pm-8:00pm, at the CryptoHub in Philadelphia

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About the Event 
The 2nd installment of the 3-Part Conference on Crypto/Disrupt Technology. Blockchain expert and Mindcracker's Mahesh Chand will speak on disrupting technology with Blockchain. Read on for full details and to RSVP... 
Philadelphia Decentralization presents a 3-part conference series at the new Fanbase, CryptoHub of Philly.

Welcome to the new era of blockchain and decentralized networking opportunities. Our hope is to educate, grow and participate in this CryptoCraze and Disruptive Web of Technology as a community. It may be hard to grasp but let’s see what others are thinking and better yet what others are doing to help grow the industry and marketplace.

The conference kicked off on August 21st, 2018 with a feature on Crypto Technology. Each part addresses the WHAT, WHO, HOW, and WHY. Learn the core essentials and gather answers through an informed group on WHAT the current market is, WHO are we in this market, HOW Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Disrupt Technology will shape our future and WHY it even matters.

Sept. 18th - Discussion on Blockchain WWW - what the layers - meet some leading Blockchainers on Power solutions and others. Featured Speaker and Blockchain Expert, Mahesh Chand of C# Corner, Mindcracker, and Jumpstart Blockchain. 


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Cost $20.00(USD) per attendee 
More About this 3-Part Conference Series:

Part-1: August 21st, 2018. (Crypto/Disrupt Technology)

Part 2: September 18th, 2018. (Disrupt Tech with Blockchain)

Part-3: October 17th, 2018 which will conclude with CryptoHub launch party.

(Adapting with the Crypto Craze/New World - date and details to follow).

The new CryptoHub offer's an opportunity to liaise with cryptocurrency industry leaders, investors, blockchainers, and business leaders.

Our goal is to connect you founders, the blockchain methodology/developers, and investors/motivators within the market. Be part of this social and economic CHANGE!

Feel free to inquire via private message for a tour.