TRON Launches Tron Virtual Machine

TRON Launches Tron Virtual Machine
Tron Virtual Machine 
Today, at the Tron Virtual Machine launch event, the Tron Foundation, the owner of TRON blockchain and TRON cryptocurrency announced the availability of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM). Similar to Ethereum Virtual Machine, the TVM will let blockchain developers build dApps to write and execute smart contracts on TRON blockchain.
The TVM launch process includes the following phases. 
TVM Launch Process 
TVM will have the following key features:
Compatible with Ethereum and its programming language, Solidity. That means all Solidity developers now can target TVM to build and execute smart contracts. It also reduces the learning curve for dApp developers.
Unique virtual memory mechanism which significantly reduces the amount of physical memory needed and hence reduce the running costs of dApps.
TVM includes newly designed distinctive resource management model. The entire EVM model is designed to use bandwidth and energy to represent aggregate system resources. The underlying concept of memory, CPU, and other resources show the improvement in accessibility of the system.
User friendly energy consumption model allows smart contract developers to manage their own resources using a resource consumption generator. Not only it will allow developers to see a report of their dApp but also allows them to manage them.
Tron has implemented decentralized exchanges that will allow token liquidity and improve the TRON token ecosystem. 
Features and improvements related to database and P2P network includes the following: 
  • Optimized the usages of in-memory database. We can now also easily switch between two databases
  • Optimized and improved in thread locking mechanism and improved performance
  • Multi-dimensional scoring and one server with multiple scoring
  • Dos attacks, eclipse attacks, TCP connection attacks 
The new version, 3.0 upgrade process includes the following that will be fully compatible with version 2.0.
Future plans of the product includes the following: 
  • Multi-signature, zero-knowledge proof, cross-chain communication
  • TVM complier optimization
  • Pugin mechanism, BFT consensus
  • TVM storage optimization
  • Physical server and multi-IDC backup