Tim’s Web Source Code NFT Auctioned At $5.4M

Recently, a non-fungible token(NFT) representing the original source code for the World Wide Web written by its inventor Tim Berners-Lee sold for $5.4M in an online auction at auction house Sotheby.
NFT is a kind of crypto asset which records ownership of digital items. NFT has garnered attention in past few months from all over the world with the NFT artworks, music and internet memes selling for millions of dollars.
"One of the most historically significant digital artifacts ever sold, an NFT of the source code for the Web has brought $5.4 million,” tweeted Sotheby.
Source:  Sotheby
The sold NFT is a blockchain-based record of ownership of files containing the original source code for the World Wide Web. These files include time-stamped files containing 9,555 lines of the source code developed by Tim between October 1990 and August 1991, an animated visualization of the code lasting 30 mins, a digital poster, and a letter written by Tim on his invention. The final price of the sale was $5,434,500.
Interestingly, the price of web code - $5.4 million is way less than American artist Beeple’s $69.3 million digital collage but exceeds the $2.9 million paid for Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey’s first tweet.