Thor Partners With Dwolla And Releases Odin

Thor is a USA based NEO blockchain project that aims towards automating contractor management with services to facilitate payments, healthcare, and retirement plans. Thor has now joined an alliance with Dwolla, an e-commerce company based in the United States exclusively. 


The partnership means that Thor will now have fiat payments with Dwolla’s licensing connections. The MTL thus acquired and needed for core payments of Thor will save up to 6-12 months they might’ve previously needed.

The company has released a new crypto-coin named Odin also. Odin is a decentralized mobile app platform and privacy coin which came into being while Thor was being developed.
Odin’s payments system is designed to manage payments, including instant payments and incentive payments, to a workforce of “1099” contract laborers, that is, workers receiving IRS Form 1099-MISC. “Onboarding” refers to fulfilling the necessary requirements to hire an employee, a task that Odin seeks to streamline. Finally, “integration” refers to Thor’s efforts to make Odin work in harmony with the employer’s other data systems, such as corporate communication within chat apps, or employee data that is organized in a third-party spreadsheet application,” stated NEO explaining Odin’s role in three of the Odin's functions for the employees- payment, onboarding, and integration.

Read the official announcement here.