Tezos Foundation Issues Grants For Blockchain Tech Research

In a recent press release, Tezos Foundation has announced that they have issued grants to Cornell University (Emin Gün Sirer), the University of Beira Interior, Decet Consulting, and France-IOI, for blockchain research. Tezos is a platform for decentralized applications and smart contacts, and the financial aid was granted to the research institutions for the development of the same.

Emin Gün Sirer will be doing a research on consensus algorithms and sharing blockchain protocols, and will later develop protocols that can be used by Tezos. The University of Beira, a Portugal based research institution, will be getting four grants - for two master’s theses and two Ph.D. projects - that would involve research on the implementation of Tezos for event logging of robots in factory environments and explore the tools for static analysis of smart contracts in programming languages, such as Michelson, as well as focus on formal verification techniques and support for machine-checked smart contracts using proof assistants like Why3 and Coq, respectively.

Decet will receive the grant for building an effective online developer documentation resource for the Tezos ecosystem while France-IOI, in partnership with the Institut Mines-Télécom, the Blaise Pascal Foundation, and others will be developing tools that support programming, high-level algorithm education and training for students.

“The Tezos Foundation’s core mission is to support the long-term success of the Tezos protocol and ecosystem. By funding projects imagined by scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, the Foundation encourages decentralized development and robust participation. All parties are invited to submit grant proposals and contribute to Tezos.”, stated Tezos in the press release.