Tech Mahindra Partners With StaTwig On Blockchain System For Vaccine Tracing

Recently, Indian tech giant Tech Mahindra Ltd partnered with StaTwig, Singapore and Hyderabad based digital supply chain solution provider, to roll out blockchain-based traceability solutions for worldwide vaccine delivery.
Both the companies have come together to implement ‘VaccineLedger’ globally, which is an open-source platform and designed to perform end-to-end traceability for vaccines in the global supply chain.
The partnership aims to provide the blockchain-based traceability solution so comprehensive that it also includes prediction and prevention of failures in supply chains, including issues related to expired vaccines, stock out and counterfeiting.
Source: TechMahindra 
Well, StaTwig is a graduate of the UNICEF Innovation Fund and has already been trialing its blockchain-based solution VaccineLedger since 2019, in both India and the US. Its solution supports the integration of blockchan and IoT technologies to detect products due to expire and ensure temperature control for sensitive units.
According to report from ET, through this collaboration both companies will work towards building a world consortium of vaccine researchers, governments, pharmaceutical companies, distributors, and healthcare workers. StaTwig will draw on Techmahindra's expertise in resource scale and system integration in order to support the solution's implementation globally.
The two companies have already co-developed enterprise several security modules for VaccineLedger's mobile and web application, designed to meet the various needs of manufacturers and governments in different jurisdictions.
Tech Mahindra's Rajesh Dhuddu said: "Wastage of life saving drugs such as vaccines should be addressed on priority and we need to come together in order to effectively find a solution here. Our strategic partnership with StaTwig will provide supply chain participants with a single application to enhance traceability, and chain of custody. This will not only ensure safety and validity of vaccine supply but also help in adherence to complex regulatory requirements, set up by Drug Administration Authority in any country."