Stratis Releases Wallet v2.0.0.5

Stratis, one of the earliest blockchain development platform has released the latest update of its blockchain wallet StratisX/Stratis QT Wallet as version The mandatory update is a preparation for the upcoming release of the Stratis C# Full Node.

Stratis Wallet v2.0.0.5

Source: Stratis

Stratis is pushing for its wallet users to install this compulsory update and has also been emphasizing on the need of this update for a while now, and Pieterjan Vanhoof, a Stratis Blockchain Developer, explained in a post as to why it’s important to update the wallet,

Source: Khilone

You can view the official GitHub post where the installation steps for the new version across different operating systems like Windows, OSX, and Linux are outlined for the users to follow.