Stratis Launches Stratis Python SDK

Recently, Stratis announced the release of a Python SDK, enabling developers to begin utilizing Stratis Blockchain Technologies in Python programming language.
Stratis team said that the development of the Python SDK is a crucial step in Stratis broadening its reach within alternative development communities. pystratis - the Python package for interacting with Stratis (STRAX) full node and Cirrus/Interflux sidechain, enables Python developers to leverage Stratis Blockchain Technologies with ease.
With pyStratis, you can effortlessly achieve functionality like building and signing transactions, interacting with Smart Contracts and obtaining a blockchain state. STRAX Blockchain and Cirrus Sidechain are also fully supported.
 Source: Stratis
Additionally, you also get InterFlux Hub support to cater for transactions between Stratis and other blockchains, for example, Ethereum.
You can reach the official repository at:
Stratis is a blockchain network that makes developing and launching blockchain-based applications and networks easy for developers. The platform allows applications, and side chains to be developed in C#, Microsoft’s .NET framework, and the Stratis API; saving developers from learning blockchain development languages that may be foreign to them.