Stratis Brings Blockchain to Unreal Engine Game Developers

Stratis Platform, a blockchain platform for C# and .NET developers is working on the Unreal Engine SDK that will allow game developers to bring Blockchain functionality into their games via Unreal Engine. Today, there are millions of developers who use Unreal Engine to create games.
Today, announced in an official tweet, Stratis Platform said that by using this SDK, game developers can implement STRAX tokens, NFTs, and Smart Contracts in their games.
Earlier this year, Stratis Platform announced a Unity SDK for Unity developers to implement Blockchain into their games via Unity. Game developers can implement Tokens, NFTs, and Smart Contracts in their games. Check out more details about Unity SDK here:
Stratis has already developed Unity3D SDK for Unity developers that is available for developers to implement blockchain functionality into the games. Stratis Unity SDK includes a light wallet and SDK for Stratis Blockchain Technologies. This achievement enables both the STRAX Token to be supported within game development and the InterFlux Hub, enabling endless use-cases through the utilization of Stratis Smart Contracts in C#. The SDK also supports NFTs.
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are an area of particular interest for those developing games with in-game valuables. By introducing an NFT, in-game items can be genuinely owned by the player, removing the risk of losing earned items through forgotten login details and account deactivations.
Check out this Unity SDK video to learn more:
Earlier, Stratis launched Stratis Decentralized Accelerator (DSA), which allows startups, young projects, and game developers to get their projects funded via Stratis tokens.
SDA has already funded 5 of the following 5 projects that are in the development phase.
FileProtected is an NFT project based on the protection of professional and amateur Creative Copyright Issues. It aims to be an authentification platform for the property of creative, intellectual, and other copyrighted material through blockchain technology. They got funding of 165k CRS.
Red Ego
Red Ego is working on Project Ship. It is an ideal RPG that lets you manage your own pirate ship. It will provide a variety of NFTs like Crow Collection, ships, buildings, and land; which can be bought from their NFT Marketplace. They got funding of 201k CRS.
Kiqqi Games
KIQQI games are building a Blockchain-Based Trivia Gaming App, i.e. Trivia Legends, with the help of Stratis technology, hence using it for Accounts, in-game economy, and NFTs. They got funding of 125k CRS.
Opdex is the first decentralized exchange protocol in the Stratis ecosystem. Opdex protocols allow for trustless token swaps, liquidity providing, mining, and staking in a non-custodial and gas efficient manner. Opdex is a DeFi platform based on the Stratis blockchain. To learn more about Opdex, check out
SDA continues to fund new projects each month. To learn more about SDA and apply for Stratis funding, check out for more details.