Stratis Announces Project Rhodium

Recently Stratis announced Project Rhodium, which focuses on the further development of turn-key solutions that Stratis provides.
Project Rhodium, Stratis announced via a blog, is a key highlight of Stratis 3.0 Roadmap. It focuses on Onboarding and Compliance Solution, Non-Fungible Token Marketplace, and Unity Gaming Development Tooling.
Stratis said that Blockchain technology is able to transform traditional processes through its capability of providing trustless relationships between participating entities. The benefits of the trustless-ness are evident in both user experience and significant reductions in cost.
For Onboarding and Compliance Solution, by pairing its Identity Solution with Smart Contract solution(s), Stratis can provide the benefits of blockchain within specific industries. Stratis said that its compliance solution will focus on binding people and/or physical items to digital identity that can be referenced on-chain via Smart Contract interaction. Using Stratis Blockchain Technologies and AI governance services, Stratis’ solution can give the control of operating compliance checks in the employer’s hands, discarding duplication of effort and achieving substantial financial savings.
Source: Stratis
"The existing process is reliant upon manual reviews taking place, ensuring compliance status and validity. Such methods can be replaced and become autonomous by utilizing Smart Contracts employed in Stratis’ Onboarding and Compliance solution."
Project Rhodium also aims to create a NFT Marketplace platform in a non-profit manner, eliminating any fee incorporation and maximizing profit realization for the content creators and buyers utilizing the platform. Marketplace elements like NFT sales and bidding will all be handled autonomously using Stratis Smart Contracts, enabling sellers to embed receipt of future sale revenue and ensuring buyers that purchases made are fair and non-bias.
Stratis said that its recent roll-out of Stratis’ Unity SDK got huge praise via its community channels, attracting new Unity Developers to its Discord server who complimented the solution. The SDK provided by Stratis outshone competitor solutions; and this was without native Smart Contract support.
Project Rhodium also focuses on non-gaming use-cases where the Unity Gaming Engine is utilized; for example film and computer-aided design (CAD). Interestingly, the recently released remake of The Lion King utilized the Unity Gaming Engine to create background scenes.
Stratis said that the development has already begun to extend the Unity SDK functionality with a dedicated team focused on developing games that either utilize NFTs to represent in-game assets or incorporate a token as in-game currency and/or reward.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.