SIMDAQ Marketplace For Waves-Token Launched

SIMDAQ, a Waves Lab participant and a marketplace for Waves-token has officially been launched and been listed on Tidex. The platform is based on market needs and innovations and is suited to be beneficial in cryptocurrency technology.

SIMDAQ Launched
Source: simdaq

The trading platform comprises three modules of which currently two are available for the users. The first module is a powerful trading course for all levels of traders while the second module is a trading simulator based on a real historical data and advanced rhythm. The third module which is set to be launched at the second release “helps you to create your trading robots, automate and identify your trading strategy to get accurate information (sic) either the strategy is reliable or not.”

The launch is in accordance to the vision that Ilya Smagin, Head of Development for Waves Smart Contracts, explained in an interview published earlier this year on Medium.
He said, “Waves’ goal is simple — to bring blockchain to the people. In pursuing this goal, you can’t just create a blockchain platform, release it and expect it to be thriving in a year or two. Blockchain is a constantly-evolving phenomenon. The world hasn’t yet reached the point where blockchain is a normal, day-to-day reality that makes our lives easier and more comfortable than they are today. Bringing the economy of the future to life demands much effort, which is why we are constantly improving our products and technology, particularly in tackling such matters as scalability and speed.

The user interface of the SIMDAQ platform. Source: simdaq
SIMDAQ is termed as “a solution for crypto trading democratization and development.” It uses SMQ tokens as the primary currency on the platform but the balance of these tokens can be updated in many ways, including by Waves payments. The tokens will initially allow users to unlock features for the simulator, premium content and bet SMQ in “SMQ trading” regime, where users can gain experience by winning more tokens.
The perspective from which this platform sees the market is one where all participants of the crypto market have to work with exchanges - which is ever-growing. The platform aims to act as an instrument for the issues even if one isn’t chasing profit, or is only rebalancing the portfolio.
You can know more about this new emerging platform on the Waves official blog post or on SIMDAQ.