Project Goguen Gets A Major Update

Goguen is about delivering a Smart Contract capability for the Cardano platform. As part of that, there has been lots of fundamental research going on: sidechains, accounting, multicurrency. Other workstreams within this project include:

Plutus and Marlowe: languages that allow you to execute smart contracts

  • IELE: virtual machine that allows other languages like Solidity to be applied on the Cardano platform
  • End-User and External Developer: thinking about user-experience for those using and developing smart contracts
  • Integration: about bringing everything together into a high-quality platform with supporting infrastructures
  • Output for all of this will fundamentally be the computational layer but delivery is also about tools and training: to help everyone understand how to build great smart contracts

The following video is a project updates report covers the following

  • Completed fundamental research on Sidechains, Accounting and Multi-currency. Now moving onto formal methods stage: start with prototypes and models that will eventually be used for code that will create the computational layer
  • For Plutus and Marlowe: progress is going well and they are developing the specifications and the libraries that will form the languages
  • For IELE: pleased to announce the KEVM testnet has been launched
  • Now, preparing for the launch of IELE testnet
  • End-user and External developer: is in the analysis phase where fundamental technology is understood and research is nearly completed so they are now looking at the educational materials and have begun thinking about the end-users’ experiences
  • Part of the project, they will look at different use cases to make sure languages developed are fit for purpose 
  • Integration (where everything comes together), the target architecture is agreed and now considering support and education