Pantheon Core Is Now Available On Azure

Microsoft is working quite hard on offering blockchain based solutions to its customers, especially with its super-popular cloud solution, Azure. In this row, the company has made available a new open-source tool, Pantheon Core, developed by a blockchain solutions development firm.

As per the Azure Marketplace website,

“Pantheon is an open-source Ethereum client written in Java under Apache 2.0 license. Pantheon includes a command line interface and JSON-RPC API for running, maintaining, debugging, and monitoring node operations in an Ethereum network. You can use the API via RPC over HTTP or via WebSockets transport, and Pub/Sub is supported.“

The advantage of using Pantheon is that its API supports typical Ethereum functionalities, such as –

  • Ether token mining
  • Smart contract development
  • Decentralized application (Dapp) development

The Pantheon development company, PegaSys says that they have chosen Java to write the Pantheon Core code because of “its appeal to enterprises, large open-source community, and mature ecosystem.”

Pantheon is public chain compatible, with a more modular architecture and roadmap to add privacy, permissioning, and new consensus algorithms.


Here is an excerpt from the PegaSys website,

“Our public client, Pantheon, has been open source for use by Ethereum application developers since October 2018. We started with a public chain client to improve code maintainability, giving us direct access to innovation from public Ethereum, like sharding and plasma. Public Pantheon will also have some enterprise features such as consensus algorithms. Private, permissioned versions of Pantheon will be released some months after, using the requirements outlined in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance spec as a basis for its design.”

You can have a look on the documentation of this tool from here