Oracle Announces Blockchain Cloud Service

Oracle Blockchain Service is now generally available. Oracle’s service announcement was long due after its rivals Microsoft, IBM, and others have already introduced enterprise ready blockchain cloud services. Oracle’s blockchain is also available via Oracle Cloud. Oracle Blockchain is based on Hyperledger Fabric, an open source blockchain project run by the Linux Foundation.

Oracle cloud allows simple provisioning of complete blockchain platform and hybrid networks. Hyperledger Fabric allows you to create smart contracts for real-time B2B transactions. The service is available via REST API as well as client SDK.

Oracle blockchain is powered by Oracle cloud and pricing is pay as you go. Developers can integrate and use blockchain using the following methods.

REST API-driven development

Simplify integrations by invoking transactions running chaincode methods through REST proxies. Use REST APIs to run transactions and queries synchronously and receive a response when the transaction commits.

SDK-based Development

Enroll members, add peers, create channels, deploy smart contracts, register for events, and run transactions or query ledger data using Java, GO, or Node.js.

Plug-n-play Integration

Extend Oracle and third-party SaaS and on-prem applications to use Oracle Blockchain Cloud through enterprise application & technology adapters and workflow tools in Oracle Integration Cloud.

Build New Apps

Build new applications or SaaS extensions to running transactions on the blockchain using Oracle Java, Application Container, Mobile, Application Builder, Integration or SOA Cloud Services.

Leverage OOTB support for Blockchain API

Leverage Blockchain out-of-the-box through the REST APIs in Oracle Digital Innovation Platform for open banking and Netsuite SuiteCloud Platform.

Learn more about Oracle Blockchain Service here: