NordCoin ICO Announced

Recently, NordCoin has announced that an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will raise funds in an effort for manufacturing 28-30 Mobile Mining Container units (MMCs).
During the announcement, the company has explained that the funds will be for additional 28 – 30 MMCs that will further replicate the success of the 4 operational units.
Further, NordCoin will be offering information about the MMC technology which allows units for self-contained and can be controlled remotely helping the company in its profitability of crypto-mining including;
  • Effective hash rate
  • Cost of space
  • Cost of energy
Some of the advantages of optimal mining conditions are like it is a low-cost and surplus energy that helps in removing the complexities of provisioning and managing of each individual crypto-mining units.
Meanwhile, the Mobile Mining Container is a data center which is built within the enclosure of a refurbished freight container.
Source: NordCoin
Basically, the company starts creating its MMCs in mid-2017 with the support of private investors. NordCoin explains that its MMCs are economically viable with high productivity.
For seeking this viability and high productivity, the company has signed a contract with Viru Keemia Group who will provide the power to the company's MMCs.
In a statement Hermes Brambat, Board Member at NordCoin and a founding member of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Foundation, states that "Our vision at NordCoin is to create a solution that will drastically improve the profitability of the crypto-mining current model. With today’s launch, we are taking a major step in that direction. The Mobile Mining Container technology is set to profoundly change the cryptocurrencies economy as we know it, by facilitating the transport of hundreds of miners at once."
The company also told about the development of a real-time tracking system which will provide transparent and accurate information about the performance of mining accessible to the ICO participants and you can create an account via NordCoin Website