NFT Marketplace SuperRare Launches Curation Token

Recently, Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace SuperRare introduced a “Curation Token” in order to decentralize the project. As part of the launch 15% of the RARE token’s total supply was airdropped to the users of the platform.
SuperRare said that eligible participants would have received a personalized email recapping their presence on SuperRare to date and detailing the amount of $RARE they can claim.
According to SuperRare the $RAREdrop was calculated as a mix of core actions buying and/or selling art on SuperRare before the cutoff date of July 21, 2021.
Source: SuperRare 
SuperRare said that this airdrop is meant to reward those who have been most influential in the platform’s commercial success as well as those who produced artistic value over a longer time horizon. Eligible participants will be able to claim their tokens within a 90-day window from this announcement.
Well, the announcement follows a ripple of activity in the NFT space in past month. August has already marked the largest NFT volume, with competing marketplace OpenSea doing more than $1 billion in volume.
NFT marketplace has done more than $90 million in NFT art sales since March 2018. It raised $9 million in a Series A in March.
SuperRare is not the first and only NFT marketplace to launch its own governance token. In July 2020, the Rarible marketplace launched the RARI token.
SuperRare also said that its newly formed DAO will vote on additional "Spaces" to encourage community-driven art and earn commission on each sale. Commissions from the new project will go to the treasury and be used for further projects decided on by RARE token holders.
"As exciting as the last three years have been, it has been little more than the planting of seeds. The future of SuperRare and the CryptoArt community as a whole has yet to be written, and we will take this journey—and build this digital renaissance—together." wrote the platform.