Microsoft And Adents Join Hands on Blockchain Fraud Detection System

A new uint-level product track and trace platform, Adents NovaTrack has debuted recently in VivaTech 2018 in Paris. This project was developed under a partnership between Microsoft and Adents, a leading provider of premier serialization solutions for unique product identification and traceability using Blockchain and AI technologies. Adents NovaTrack targets the supply chain industry offering unit level tracking and end-to-end traceability to all the products in the supply chain.
The platform aims to give solutions to many challenges, not just the problem of data collection for documentation of transactions. It aims to bring solutions to the supply chain stakeholders in the following ways- 
  • Addressing the track and trace issues of unreliable products, delivery non-compliance, counterfeit, inefficient storage and parallel trade.
  • Brings transparency with cross standard serialisation protocols to encapsulate the standards of all industries like GSI, HIBC, etc
  • Complying with and mastering local and global regulations for implementation with IT systems.
  • Seamless interconnection of the systems with complex business processes and IT solutions.
  • Use of AI and BI solutions to help manage a massive amount of data of billions of products that are being circulated worldwide.
  • Apt security policies and data governance so shareholders don't have to change their internal policies of data management.
The combined effort of Blockchain, AI, IoT, and serialization functionalities ensures a foundation worth a grade performance, security, governance, and scalability hence, making Adents NovaTrack a marriage of technologies.
The Blockchain-as-a-service model allows the participants to either run nodes on premises or the Microsoft Azure Cloud, simplifying technology lifecycle management, security, scalability and resource allocation. The platform also provides the users with artificial intelligence to help the users in the collection and analyzing data and enhanced security features including identity management, authentication, and encryption while complying with every industry’s communication standards. 
Adents NovaTrack provides the supply chain stakeholders with a platform that delivers data across all IT processes and helps industry stakeholders to integrate with existing business solutions with cross chain value. The consumers get to trace the origin, authenticity, transportation, etc. of products as a benefit and facilitate the collection and analysis of data by government bodies to ensure that it validates policies and ensure compliance reporting.
Laurent Curny, General Manager at Microsoft Services France, said in an official statement,
“We are delighted to work with Adents to develop NovaTrack, which will introduce valuable new ways of addressing traceability challenges throughout supply chains owing to our advanced blockchain and AI technologies. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform will ensure the secure international deployment of Adents NovaTrack to accelerate the fight against industrial counterfeiting.”