Lenovo's Customer Care Gets IBM's Cognitive and Blockchain Capabilities

Recently, IBM announced that it will support the customer experience of Lenovo's Data Center Group with its field service solutions in more than 200 countries worldwide.
Accordinig to the company, this tie up will help take customer care to the next level for Lenovo. If a client connects with an agent for Lenovo's services, IBM's Virtual Assistant for Technical Support will provide its natural language capabilities and contextual recognition to personalize the conversation.
"The enterprise today is equipped with a host of new technology solutions built to offer customers unprecedented support and deliver a world-class customer experience," said Laura Laltrello, Vice President and General Manager, Lenovo Data Center Group. "We are looking forward to working with IBM to take the next step with our customers to deliver a personalized and seamless experience that ensures we continue to deliver industry leading customer satisfaction in data center support."
Source: IBM 
IBM said that its services are designed to improve the customer experience for Lenovo's end users by integrating the global coverage and capacity of IBM's Customer Engagement Centers'(CEC) field service solutions, and parts and logistics services around the world, with the help of Blockchain, Virtual Assistant for Technical Support, Augmented Reality and Client Insight Portal.