KOYNCE Cryptocurrency Exchange Launched At WBCS

Recently, during the World ICO Show which was held on May 20, 2018, in Moscow, Russia Mr. Vishal Nigam, Co-founder, and CEO of all-blockchain solution technology company BlockStein have launched the KOYNCE cryptocurrency exchange with a plan to support over more than 160 cryptocurrencies.
Initially, the World ICO Show provides an opportunity to cryptocurrencies for ICO projects to present
themselves as big investors all around the world with total assets more than $2 billion.
During the Show, more than 200 speakers from around 100 countries were present to speak on themes related to governance, education, telecommunications, law and BlockChain, cryptocurrencies trading, and Fintech.
Mr. Nigam was invited to the show as a speaker to talk on the topic "Blockchain for Government."
During his talk, he states that “A is a product that was required to bring in ease at Cryptocurrency trading and Koynce Exchange helps just with that.
Source: Koynce
At present, Koynce Exchange is currently available to Alpha Testers and the beta version which is slated to be officially be launched on June 20, 2018.
Meanwhile, before returning from Russia Mr. Nigam has been able to sell KOYNCE token worth $200,000 in a private sale.
On this move, now KOYNCE Exchange will be launched in South Africa during Finnovation Africa Show at Johannesburg on June 6, 2018.