IOST Releases Everest v1.0, A Possible Solution To Scalability Trilemma

Posing a troubling need to find a balance between scalability, security, and decentralization, many projects have been struggling with what is otherwise known as the scalability trilemma. While compromising one aspect, and boosting up the other ones, the integrity of the blockchain often comes into questioning. Taking a dig at this problem, IOST has developed what it calls “a truly functioning decentralized infrastructure” in the form of its second iteration of their testnet, Everest v1.0.

The revamped version now supports smart contract programming with the popular language JavaScript, the smart contract Domain Name System (DNS), Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC). This version also carries a redesigned Virtual Machine whose performance, according to the company, has been clocked at 10x faster than EOS, and a whopping 200x times faster than Ethereum.


The company states on its blog, “Everest v1.0 will serve as the foundation of IOST’s upcoming mainnet release. We are still on track in regards to our timeline and roadmap, and even delivering more features and functionality sooner than planned. Unlike many other projects who have delayed their milestones, IOST has been working tirelessly to stay ahead, with Mainnet scheduled for release in Q1 2019 — several months earlier than originally planned.

While mentioning multiple times the efficiency of their project, the blog also listed the highlights of the new Everest v1.0. IOST is set already to release its next big update to the community in Mainnet Q1 of 2019.