Intel And SAP Together To Deliver Robust Blockchain Solutions

Recently, Intel has teamed up with SAP and joined Industry Blockchain Consortiums, led by SAP, to develop solutions to widen and speed-up adoption of Blockchain in the enterprise. The collaboration is intended to develop superior Blockchain technologies and incorporate them with new and existing Business applications.
Focusing on the same path, SAP has recently launched the SAP HANA Blockchain adapter which facilitates SAP customers to build on blockchain data in SAP HANA using a SQL interface. Also, SAP has been serving its customers with BaaS(Blockchain-as-a-Service) which enables its customers to integrate enterprise and blockchain data on the SAP Cloud, in a pay-as-you-go fashion.
Intel's Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are considered as an ideal base for blockchain technologies offering "ahead of time" reliability, superior memory speed, and interconnects.
"Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors also offer optimization technologies designed into the silicon, such as Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) for improved workload performance in high-performance computing (HPC) use cases." wrote Tim Allen, strategic relationship manager for Intel.
Source: Intel 
Intel and SAP together, to Deliver Robust Blockchain Solutions:
Sap and Intel together with Flex, HPE, and UPS are working to develop a Blockchain based supply chain management proof-of-concept solution, which would be based on SAP Global Track and Trace.
"Together .., we are working to enhance freight, fleet, and fulfillment management across networks and for enhanced visibility into global and domestic transportation to optimize logistics, gain new efficiencies, and improve service delivery".
These developments will enable the customers to have real-time insights into the availability and other details of products over the whole supply chain to better control inventory and manage costs.
Both the companies are also doing benchmark studies on blockchain metrics like- transactions per second to determine network bottlenecks, so that, it could be optimized with more advanced configurations and technologies. Benchmarking workloads will enable to understand what software/hardware optimizations can help in escalating blockchain performance.

Well, giants like SAP and Intel have joined hands; so we can predict a better future for the Blockchain technology.