imToken 2.0 Announced

Recently, imToken has announced its latest wallet app, imToken 2.0. the latest version of imToken 2.0 comes with the support of Ethereum along with all ERC20 tokens, Bitcoin Segwit and EOS also the EOS StakeVote DApp.
More than 6 million imToken devices are installed with a quarter growth of 300%. It has an average of 400 thousand active users daily with around 70 thousand transaction number.
The company has focused on the improvement of 3 core ideas -
  • Multi-chain, you can now manage multiple blockchain wallets with only one set of digital identity.
  • Decentralized exchange, utilizing the permissionless blockchain smart contract to execute token to token exchange within imToken.
  • DApp browser, a robust portfolio of DApps with different applications, paired with the better user experience. Sharing imToken’s strengths in mobile wallet and user base with developers through our open API & SDK.
The company has also shared some of the amazing features of imToken 2.0 -
Ethereum, Bitcoin Segwit, EOS
imToken has now enabled its users to import cryptocurrency wallets by supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS blockchains; simplifying the transactions.
Built-in DEX
imToken now offers two unique trading functions, catering to users different needs under different circumstances.
  1. Instant Exchange (IEX), based on Kyber Network protocol
  2. Spot trading, order book system, based on 0x protocol

Source: imToken
DApp browser
imToken DApp browser also supports the most popular DApps and decentralized exchanges with the introduction of additional channels for the engagement for users. Users can also access the multiple DApps without logging in for the execution of the rapid payments through a token of their choice.
Air-gapped Cold Wallet
imToken allows you to use your old phone for signing in offline reducing the risk of key theft over the internet.
To set the cold wallet up you should:
  1. Have two phones without root access.
  2. Download the app from or your favorite app store.
  3. One of the phones open Airplane mode as a cold wallet and keep it always offline to securely save your private key.
IPFS-synchronized address book
This allows the selective storage of your friend’s wallet addresses through the convenient transactional logistics. Also provides the instant access without third-parties stealing your data.
imToken developer API documentation
Compatible with Web3 APIs and comprehensive imToken SDK documentation. Provides extended functions such as identity interaction, token payment, and distributed storage management.
Some other features include -
  1. Security risk reminder on suspicious addresses
  2. Privacy mode
  3. Import old accounts from imToken 1 or any other wallet app
  4. Efficiently send tokens via QR-code scanning
  5. Easy backup: Choose between Keystore, private key, Mnemonic
  6. Security reminder for interaction with potential fraudulent contracts/ addresses
  7. Blacklist database of rouge addresses shared within the network
You can download the latest version of imToken from the official website or from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
The company concluded by stating - “We’re excited about imToken’s new developments and believe that with a mature regulatory environment, Singapore is the ideal launchpad for us to kickstart our global ambitions,” said He Bin, imToken CEO. “With countries including Indonesia rapidly growing into one of imToken’s largest markets, we’re looking forward to building out our initiatives in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia.
To learn more, you can go through the full press release