GoTenna To Launches txTenna Wallet App That Works Without The Internet

Recently, GoTenna has announced that they are partnering with Samourai Wallet to launch txTenna app soon. This app will enable users to toggle the wallet app settings transact offline by synchronizing the mobile with a goTenna device.
According to the goTenna engineer Richard Meyers “You need to be able to spend your bitcoin even in disaster areas”
The transaction can bounce across the mesh if the offline bitcoin user is within a mile of another active device until it reaches the user with an active internet connection.
Meyers also states that “It absolutely could work with any software wallet and they [Samourai Wallet developers] are not writing it specifically for the Samourai wallet anyway. It will be something any wallet provider could send transactions through.”
The complete details can be found here
This is a great move by the company as the availability of high-speed internet is still a delegacy in many countries and this offline app will make people’s lives easier while trading the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and blockchain are great technologies already and we hope this innovative idea will definitely enhance the craze of the bitcoin among people.