Golf Startup LinksDao Raises $10.5M In NFT Airdrop

The LinksDAO golfing startup, in a sold-out NFT drop, raised $10.5M to fund its golfing aspirations. The fund will be used to buy an actual golf course.
Over 9,000 NFTs were sold via the OpenSea platform, in exchange of Ether (ETH). These NFT's will serve as "leisure membership" and "global membership" for buyers and will allow for community access, governance, a wide range of perks, and games in the near term. The NFTs will eventually unlock membership to LinksDAO's first golf and leisure club as well.
Well, 2021 was a blooming year of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) activity, during which some treasuries surged in value up to 40 times, golf is the latest one, and is driving crypto adoption, with the start of 2022.
Source: Twitter 
LinksDAO has stated that it plans to identify a list of golf courses for acquisition and develop a LINKS cryptocurrency token, by around mid-2022. LinksDAO’s NFTs holders are also expected to receive an allocation of LINKS governance tokens, where Global Membership holders will receive four times the number of tokens awarded to the holders of Leisure Membership.
LinksDAO’s aims to “create the modern golf and leisure club” and “reimagine the country club,” providing an excitng sports-centric experiment amid a growing DAO ecosystem.
It is worth noting that DAOs may not hold traditional assets such as real estate for compliance reasons. The startup is currently in talks with legal experts to launch a separate operating entity called LinksDAO Inc., to own the physical asset.