Facebook To Explore Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is one of the most-talked technologies now-a-days and a number of big names in the world have already started working around it. Now, the social media giant, Facebook has also decided to explore new possibilities in the blockchain technology.

The company is building a team of top executives to give shape to this initiative. David Marcus who has been leading the Messenger app for 4 years has declared that now, he will be leading this team of explorers. There are reports that this will be a very small team at launch, having fewer than a dozen members, including James Everingham, Instagram’s VP of Engineering and Kevin Weil, Instagram’s VP of Product.


This seems like the company is planning for this for quite a long time. Marcus joined the board of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase in December last year and since he had been associated with PayPal at presidential position, his expertise in payments and security makes him a perfect fit for the responsibility he is assigned at this new position.

Well, whatever the case be, this new move of Facebook entering into Blockchain world has steered a new wave of possibilities.