Ethereum Enters Partnership With MMX, Gains Top-Level Domain Name

Ethereum, a decentralized platform for applications has now entered a partnership with Minds + MACHINES Group Limited (AIM: MMX), world’s biggest owners and operators of Internet Top-Level Domains (“gTLDs”). They recently announced in a recent press release that the collaboration will enable Ethereum Name Service (ENS) get a top level domain name.
Soon, Ethereum’s customers can register their domain with MMX’s .luxe. The blockchain with 40 characters harsh identifier that denotes every Ethereum asset, service or item supporting it but with the partnership, a .luxe name can act as the identifier for one’s asset instead of the complex and long identifier. Users registered with a .luxe extension can also integrate with the Ethereum blockchain and all its extended services like Decentralized apps (DApps), distributed storage and smart contracts.
"MMX is committed to working alongside ICANN and leading technology partners to ensure domain names continue to have real relevance to entrepreneurs, developers, and end-users in the twenty-first century. We already know from Ethereum's test in its non-ICANN authorized .eth zone that there is a real proven demand for word-based identifiers that are blockchain enabled, ENS having received deposits of over $28 million on approximately 300,000 seven character words and above in the .eth zone. We look forward to working with ENS to allow those .eth registrants the opportunity to claim their equivalent .luxe name before the Company launches .luxe for sale to the general public in late October. We are delighted to have developed a deep working relationship with the keyholders of ENS," stated Toby Hall, CEO of MMX on the collaboration.
Nick Johnson, lead developer and a root key holder of ENS, also commented on the MMX and ENS partnership saying, "We're very excited to be helping advance integration between existing DNS-based name services and the Ethereum Name Service, improving usability for blockchain applications and users."
Read the full press release here.
Learn more about the .luxe launch here.