Ethereum Blockchain Data Added To Google's BigQuery

Recently, Google has attached the Ethereum Blockchain data to its enterprise data warehouse, BigQuery, which is now publicly available. According to Google, this will enable easy access and analysis to all the data stored on the Blockchain.
The company explained that although Ethereum has an API for common functionalities like to - check transaction status, look up wallet-transaction associations, and check wallet balances; but API doesn't provide an easy access to all the data on the chain, and API endpoints don't enable you to view the blockchain data in an aggregate manner.
Having Ethereum data available on Google Cloud will be helpful to make business decisions, monitor traffic in the network, and to figure out whether it is necessary to update the system.
The official announcement from Google states,
"We built a software system on Google Cloud that:  
  • Synchronizes the Ethereum blockchain to computers running Parity in Google Cloud.
  • Performs a daily extraction of data from the Ethereum blockchain ledger, including the results of smart contract transactions, such as token transfers.
  • De-normalizes and stores date-partitioned data to BigQuery for easy and cost-effective exploration."
Some examples of queries and visualizations were also set out in the announcement. In an example of a query, it demonstrated 10 most popular Ethereum collectibles, by the number of transactions.
Source: Google 
Furthermore, you can visualize the CryptoKitty pedigree, as in the example, for accounts that own at least 10 CryptoKitties.
Source: Google  
Here, the color expresses the owner while the size expresses the PageRank of each CryptoKitty.
In another example, it showed a query to show the daily count of OMG tokens transfers, from beginning till August 2, 2018.
Source: Google  
The Ethereum blockchain data are available in the ethereum_blockchain dataset. You can also find the dataset on Kaggle here.
To read the official announcement, you can visit here.