EOSIO Version 1.1.0 Released

Recently, EOSIO has released the next incremental version, V1.1.0. The company has received a bunch of feedback on building applications from the community on the platform.
The latest release is focused on the usability of the software for developers, layer for more scalable application development and support for the team working on EOSIO blockchain.
Source: EOSIO
Moreover, the Block.one Developer Relation team use the released notes and documentation to coordinate with the C++ Development team and Public Communications which further provide summery featuring benefits of each release for achieving the goals.
You can go through the complete list of release notes available on GitHub and full documentation on the EOSIO Developer Portal. 
The company has also shared a list of preview features for a better understanding of the future versions –
  • MongoDB Plugin
  • Read-Mode: HEAD
  • Faster Syncing — nodeos Quality of Life Improvement
  • Database Size Guards— nodeos Quality of Life Improvement
For this version, the company has shared the following features –
In this version, the preview features are considered to be of Alpha quality. These features represent the EOSIO blockchain software development.
Further, the company invites its community members to test these features as well as provide the feedbacks for the same with the respective releases.
You can read more detail about it on GitHub for a better understanding of the progressive features and their impact on decentralized application development.
  • Hardware Wallet support in keosd
  • OSX Secure Enclave
  • YubiHSM 2
  • Login Plugin
The company is continuously working for the improvement of the usability of the software for EOSIO developers.
To learn more, you can go through the 
official announcement.