Enigma Discloses The List Of Launch Partners

Today, Enigma has introduced its privacy protocol and some new partners to create an ecosystem of solutions for a decentralized future.
Enigma aims for building real decentralized solutions and scaling their adoption with the help of its Enigma Launch Partners. The company states that the Enigma Launch Partners works directly with its development team for integrating protocol into their solutions.
Source: Enigma
Let's briefly discuss the companies that collaborated with Enigma under the Enigma Launch Partners.
Ocean Protocol
It is a decentralized ecosystem that pointed to unlocking data for AI consumption. For this purpose, the Ocean ecosystem will work in the provision of data assets and associated services simultaneously with AI models for making orchestrated solution supply chains.
It is a decentralized consumer to business (C2B) data exchange. It also empowers people to derive data they create and provides companies with analytics which are based on new data universe.
It is a decentralized microcredit protocol and credit scoring by using blockchain technology to provide innovative credit scoring and financial passport to bridge between lenders, unbanked/underbanked, and merchant microfinance borrowers globally.
It provides re-invention of the link that fuses blockchain with HTTP with the help of web links. It has multi-step tracking technology and automatic rewarding. This innovative technology is used to develop the 2key Network which is a platform that creates smart links for incentivizing reward to anyone who shares them.
It creates the first privacy-focused, enterprise-ready, and publicly available blockchain ecosystem for the global supply chain. It has also built team and client relationships across three countries.
It helps in providing tools and apps for individuals to improve control of data and monetize. It also provides a blockchain-based data marketplace which includes demographic, searches and browsing, purchase history, social, fitness, and other data-sets.
It is a decentralized real estate data marketplace. In this, it allows parties to transact freely and directly as well as unprecedented levels of data quality.
Portal Network
It is a fully-decentralized and incentivized platform that provides blockchain projects and protocols with blockchain name service (BNS) governed by the smart contracts. It also develops a product suite that allows non-technical and technical users to create, deploy, and experience decentralized applications and websites.
The company looks forward to jointly releasing deep dives, technical updates, and actual codes with each partner it is working with.
To learn more, you can go through the official announcement.