Elon Musk Announce Crypto Space Race With BitMEX

A 21st-century space race is taking place between Elon Musk and BitMEX, with both parties racing to launch their respective crypto of choice to the literal moon first.
Recently, BitMEX announced its support to space robotics firm Astrobotic Technology in the mission to send the company's first commercial lander to the moon. The mission aims to be the first private company leading a coalition of government, academia, and industry; to reach the lunar surface.
Well, this announcement comes following Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk’s early May news of SpaceX's plan to launch a Dogecoin-funded payload on one of its first rockets to the moon, and that Dogecoin would become the first cryptocurrency to reach the moon next year.
BitMEX, the popular crypto derivatives exchange, plans to make the occasion by delivering a one-of-a-kind physical Bitcoin (BTC) to the moon’s surface. Interestingly, Elon Musk responded to BitMEX’s astronomic ambitions on Twitter as: "A new space race has begun!".
On the other hand, BitMEX said "We’ve nothing against Dog Money, we felt it was only right to help Bitcoin get there first." 
Regarding its plans, BitMEX explained that it will mint a one-of-a-kind physical bitcoin, like the Casascius coins of 2013, which will be delivered to the Moon Surface by Astrobotic. "The coin will hold one bitcoin at an address to be publicly released, underneath a tamper-evident hologram covering."