DeFi Alliance Launches India Chapter

Recently, DeFi Alliance announced its India chapter, extending its infrastructure in the country.
The launch comes at a time when developers from India are attracting global attention in the blockchain and crypto space after the success of Polygon and Instadapp. DeFi Alliance is a member-based international trade association initiated for decentralised financial market professionals to connect and collaborate.
The DeFi Alliance India Chapter will be led by Joel John (Ledger Prime), Siddhartha Jain (DefiDollar), Saurabh Sharma (Jump Capital), and Krishna Sriram (Quantstamp). Additional inaugural members include Vishal Kankani (Multicoin Capital), Sowmay Jain (InstaDapp), Ajit Tripathi (Aave), and Ashwath Balakrishnan (Delphi Digital).
Source: DeFi
Joel John said in the announcing blog that the alliance is constructing a presence in India to smooth the way for access to not just capital but also guidance from the right blockchain ecosystem partners which can be pivotal to early-stage startups.
The India chapter is aimed to help early-stage founders in the decentralised finance and blockchain ecosystem with institutional liquidity, operational support, regulatory advisory, and recruiting.
"With a developer base that ships talent to almost all major technology companies, there has never been a doubt about India’s ability to churn out tech talent. Now, a substantial number of those developers are looking to develop decentralized applications" wrote John. India has been symbolic of everything DeFi stands for, he went on to say.
DeFi has grown to more than 150 member companies in its industry network and has helped more than 50 startups accelerate their growth since early 2020. New startups can apply to the DeFi Alliance Accelerator here.