CGU Offers Scholarships To NFT Metaverse Game Players

Crypto Gaming United (CGU), an NFT metaverse gaming firm is enjoying a volcanic growth in players in more than 30 countries following its successful Initial Dex Offering (IDO) that sold out in a record six seconds.
CGU, a leader in the metaverse play-to-earn(P2E) market, in just 12 weeks of its launch, has signed up more than 100,000 community members through its Discord channel, making it the largest play-to-earn guild. Interestingly, the majority of the members are primarily based in developing countries, where P2E offers an empowering alternative to lack of earning opportunities.
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Well, a key barrier to entry for players to start working and earning in the metaverse has been the need to invest money in NFTs. CGU, offers members CGU as their microfinancing partner. This makes the initial NFT investment to give qualified players the opportunity to new income streams in exchange for a part of their earnings.
Also, CGU is unique in the P2E space as its tech ecosystem uniquely includes a crypto exchange (TimeX) and a crypto labor portal (LaborX) that together allow custom player financing capabilities and player monitoring systems.
At CGU new players are not required to pay anything to start playing. CGU itself funds all NFTs costs through a scholarship, which can be upto $4,000 per player. The firm also provides education and mentoring for its partnered players to update their crypto knowledge and gaming skills. In return, the platform get hold of a 50% commission on players' earnings, and 5% go to local management with players keeping the remaining 45%. Interestingly, the firm is also trialing a pension plan of 4% to 5% for its players as a social security initiative.
More than 5,400 active scholars are already part of the CGU community now, with this number growing daily. "By playing-to-earn and learn, our scholars are gaining critical new skills that will shortly be in huge demand by employers setting up shop in the metaverse," said Sergei Sergienko, CGU co-founder.
The huge number of new members joining CGU has propelled the token price over US$2, valuing CGU’s fully diluted market cap over US$2 billion. Built on Binance Smart Chain, CGU token, can be purchased on TimeX, Pancakeswap, and Olive.
"We believe that CGU is the lifeline for soon-to-be hundreds of thousands, and ultimately millions, of play-to-earn professionals, who will use these initial jobs to launch their careers in the metaverse," said Mark Carnegie, founding partner of M.H. Carnegie & Co.