Cardano 1.4 Released

Recently, IOHK has announced the latest release of its cryptocurrency project Cardano (ADA). As per the company statement, the new version dubbed "Cardano 1.4" is the most significant update to the Cardano ecosystem to date.
The v1.4 update includes optimized block storage of Cardano blockchain, a Cardano test network, support of the Rust programming language, and full wallet support for Linux operating systems.
"This release brings significant robustness improvements and resolves some network connection issues which were affecting a lot of users. There have also been exceptional improvements in the amount of hard drive space required to store the blockchain: optimized block storage has reduced the number of files required from 1.3 million to just 44,000 for one year of blockchain history, with all the performance improvements that entail." wrote the company.
The company has completely rewritten the wallet backend which has been developed and tested against the formal specification for Cardano wallet 43, and brings improvements in performance, reliability, and dramatically improved input selection for transaction creation. The v1.4 upgrade SL also includes a completely rewritten v1 API.
Cardano 1.4Source: Cardano
The v1.4 features the full release of Cardano’s Daedalus wallet for Linux. The Linux wallet was in public beta since Cardano released v1.1, and now it is finally ready for Linux users.
You can read the official announcement here. To see the complete list of changes and improvement, visit official release notes here.