Brave Browser Lets Users Earn Crypto When They Tweet

If you tweet or reddit, you may start earning crypto using Brave browser. Brave is fueled by crypto token BAT that is used as rewards. BAT token is being traded on various public crypto exchanges that allows you to buy and sell your BAT.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a blockchain-based advertising system that aims to change how ads are served to Web consumers. Basic Attention Token improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new unit of exchange between publishers, advertisers and users. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain. The value of the token is based on user attention, which simply means a person’s focused mental engagement. Users can block ads, pay to see different ads, or view ads and earn BAT tokens in exchange. On the other hand advertisers achieve higher returns on investment through better targeting and reduced fraud. All this happens while the anonymity of the user is ensured. 

Brave browser provides a safe, secure, and fast browsing experience. Brave is an open-source, privacy-centered browser designed to block trackers and malware. Brave browser is developed by Brave Software, a company founded and led by Brendan Eich, who created the most popular open source Web programing language, JavaScript. Brendan is also the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, an open source browser.