Brave And Qwant Form Alliance To Make Browsing Faster And Safer

Brave, a private web browser with adblocker and a European search engine, Qwant have entered a partnership. The alliance makes Quant the default search engine in the Brave browser in France and Germany, making it the search engine for over 150 million people on Brave’s desktop and mobile platform.

 Source: Brave
Eric Leandri, President and Co-Founder of Qwant said, “Brave is a daring browser that innovates both technologically and economically, with a real ambition to create a sustainable ecosystem for the Internet. We are very pleased that Brave has chosen to make Qwant the default search engine in France and Germany."
Qwant and Brave both pride themselves in being platforms that respect the privacy of its users. Brave has a blockchain based digital advertising system and also blocks any invasive ads, trackers and crypto-mining scripts, making it safer and faster than other browsers. Similarly, Qwant refrains from collecting or sharing the information of its users. The alliance aims to offer its users “the choice of a coherent and complementary solution at the service of their private life and for independence from the digital giants.”   

Along with an ad-free experience, Brave aims to connect the publishers and users in a healthier way in which neither of the parties suffers from their integrated wallet. Brave provides its users with Basic Attention Tokens every month. Users donate tokens via Brave Payment System to the publishers as a reward. Like 21,000 others, Quant is also a verified publisher and users can anonymously send them donations.

To learn more, read the official announcement