Releases EOSIO v1.0

Recently, has announced the release of EOSIO v1.0. This software is made to enable businesses to develop high performance and high-security blockchain-based applications.
EOSIO is designed to include:
  1. Free Rate Limited Transactions
  2. Low Latency Block confirmation (0.5 seconds)
  3. Low-overhead Byzantine Fault Tolerant Finality
  4. Optional high-overhead, low-latency BFT finality
  5. Smart contract platform powered by Web Assembly
  6. Designed for Sparse Header Light Client Validation
  7. Scheduled Recurring Transactions
  8. Time Delay Security
  9. Hierarchical Role Based Permissions
  10. Support for Biometric Hardware Secured Keys (e.g. Apple Secure Enclave)
  11. Parallel Execution of Context Free Validation Logic
  12. Inter Blockchain Communication
EOSIO allows developers to write compatible business logic with consensus algorithms demanding deterministic execution. Business logic is updated according to the governance of the organization.
According to the use, EOSIO can be configured in the two different assembly engines, Binaryen and WAVM.
EOSIO is released under the open source MIT license.
According to the company, “ is neither launching nor operating any initial public blockchains based upon the EOSIO software. This release refers only to version 1.0 of our open source software. We caution those who wish to use blockchains built on EOSIO to carefully vet the companies and organizations launching blockchains based on EOSIO before disclosing any private keys to their derivative software.”
You can find the EOSIO software on GitHub and developers can visit the EOSIO developers portal.
To learn more you can go through the official announcement by EOSIO.