Blockchain Launches Its First Hardware Wallet - Lockbox

Recently, Blockchain, one of the first mainstream wallet providers has announced its first hardware wallet- "Lockbox". Blockchain has collaborated with hardware wallet maker Ledger for developing the custom hardware device. Pre-orders are available for the new handheld device and the shipments will start in November.
There are already many hardware wallets in the market, according to Blockchain CEO and co-founder Peter Smith, there are two ways that this particular product stands out. Firstly it allows you to process crypto-to-crypto trading with Swap, while it will also store tokens offline like other devices. Swap is the Blockchain's native brokerage, which is launching next week.
According to Peter Smith, CEO, and Co-Founder of Blockchain, The aim is to develop an all-in-one solution for anyone that uses cryptocurrency.
"The Lockbox is a reflection of what our companies both do best. We’ve created an elegant software and hardware integration that offers more functionality than previously existed in our space. We’re thrilled to offer the Lockbox to Blockchain users so they can easily manage their funds online and offline seamlessly,” he explained.
The other feature is that Lockbox is an endpoint-controlled device. It is developed with a key set that will only allow users to connect with reliable websites. There’s a built-in firewall against phishing attempts by fake versions of real websites.
For now, Lockbox will support the same coins that Blockchain supports – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. However, if in future, a demand arises to bring in other assets, the team will consider it.
"We built a machine trading platform. It connects to different liquidity [sources] across the ecosystem, everything from different exchanges to market makers. I think we will be more aggressive on adding assets in the next six months. In the long run, I see our trading system being both a consumer and a provider to DEXs." commented Smith in a press release.