Blockchain A Part Of Curriculum For Nearly Half Of The Top Universities

A recent study shows that 42% of the world’s top 50 universities teach Cryptocurrency or Blockchain. The research also found that students from a variety of courses and majors are interested in studying crypto and blockchain.
The study was compiled by Coinbase, a popular online platform for digital currency dealings, with the help of Qriously to see the way recent uproar in the popularity of the decentralizes ledger system is affecting the interests of the students. With the growing popularity, blockchain is also becoming a growing job market. This, in turn, has the universities being interested in it as well, adding courses, promoting academic education in the field.
Source: Coinbase 
Interestingly, computer science isn’t the only department interested in teaching the aspects and functioning of crypto and blockchain but anthropology and finance departments of various universities are working towards adding it to their curriculum. Students from social science major also expressed their interest. Campbell Harvey, Professor of the international business of Duke University said, “Law students that are trained in the blockchain, they don’t need to apply anywhere. people are just asking them to join their firms.”
 Source: Coinbase
70% of the 50 to universities offer at least one class related to crypto, 42% of the 50 have at least one class on blockchain and cryptocurrency and 22% offer more than one class on the subject. 27% of the 50 universities aren’t situated in the USA and provide at least one class on blockchain or cryptocurrency.
The study plainly states that bitcoin and crypto has a huge impact on the education industry. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have skyrocketed since 2017 and will continue growing and are expected to show a growth of 70% till 2022, hence, it's only obvious that it should also be a part of the student’s academics who are going to enter the market soon.
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