Bitget Launches A Global Trading Competition With A Prize Pool Of 100 BTC

Derivatives exchange Bitget announced the launch of its annual trading competition - King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI). The competition has set up a prize pool of 100 BTC and 500M BGB as well as other custom-made prizes.
"This contest aims to provide a level playing field for trade lovers. The competition rules are very user-friendly. All traders are welcome to participate in this game," said Sandra, CEO of Bitget.
The registration for the contest will open from 20th October to 4 November (UTC+8), and the event will start on 10:00 am 30 October. The competition will end on 20 November (UTC+8).
The trading competition has been announced in response to the platform’s rapid development as a global business, with the agenda to attract more international users, increase brand awareness and further the company's impact in the derivatives segment. Any trader looking to win digital treasures can participate in the competition.
Well among the fastest-growing derivatives exchanges, Bitget with 1.6 million registered users worldwide and an average daily trading volume of $5.6 billion has pioneered to launch three flagship products of USDT-Margined Futures, One-Click Copy Trade, and Quanto Swap Futures. The platform is now the 6th-largest derivatives exchange and the largest crypto asset copy trading platform worldwide.
Source: Bitget 
The contest includes Team Battle and Individual Competition, both segments with a prize pool of 50 BTC, summing up to a total of 100 BTC. The total prize pool will be split among the ten teams with the top profits. The captain can receive 10% of the team’s total prize. The remaining prize will be allocated among other players as per the proportion of their profits.
The exchange also plans to distribute 5 million BGB as an additional benefit and original NFTs as merchandise custom-made for this contest. It includes events like City Assembly, Lucky Lottery, Lords Assembly, Airdrop for All, Post-Competition Bonus and Early Bird Benefits. All contestants have the chance to win cool electronic devices and NFTs featuring the competition.
For participants who sign up early, the exchange has prepared early bird benefit packages where players will receive generous trial funds for futures trading.
The theme for this year is - Defend the Earth against Pixel Invasion.
"The story is set in an era of Etheric civilization with advanced blockchain technology, where a quantum civilization six light-years away plans to launch an attack on Earth in search of a better living environment. In response, the human race, represented by physicists, race car drivers, gaming masters, and ex-soldiers, quickly organizes an anti-pixel coalition to fight against quantum civilization." wrote the exchange.