AWS Partners With Consensys For Blockchain Development

At Consensus 2018 it was announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with Consensys for the blockchain development.
Matt Yanchyshyn, the global technical lead for AWS partner program stated that "We have been following ethereum closely as it's what many of our customers have been exploring, especially for enterprise use cases."
Amazon was already working with the startups in the recent past so this step will really bring something new as it has now aligned with a big name in the ethereum community. Yanchyshyn stated that "Working with ConsenSys will allow us to further understand customer needs and help accelerate their blockchain efforts."
Michael Dickson, the enterprise blockchain business development lead at ConsenSys, said that “This is great when you are starting out and you are experimenting, but it will only get you so far."
Dickson also stated that "In the enterprise ethereum space, Quorum is a very popular choice. It gives our users the ability to send private transactions between a certain subset of members on a private chain.”
To learn more you can visit the official post by Coindesk.
Amazon has taken this step forward for its customers to use the blockchain platform more easily. Let’s hope that this collaboration will bring something new and interesting for the users.