6 Key dApps To Go Live On the SKALE Network

Recently, SKALE Network, Ethereum scaling project for powering Web 3, announced a strategic roll out of the first dApps to go live on Mainnet.
SKALE said that the recent release of the SKALE IMA bridge helps applications to leverage the speed, security, and performance of SKALE in concert with Ethereum. The first dApps roll outs are chosen based on merit, performance, and their specific use cases. These dApps will pave the way for hundreds which are already signed up in the SKALE Innovator Program to go live over the coming months.
Source: skale.network
The first Launch Partners include Boot.Finance, CurioDAO, Human Protocol, Covey, Ivy and Minds. These firms will be releasing their Dapps and protocols onto SKALE chains this summer. According to Skale these new Dapps will increase SKALE’s user base to millions of users across the world jointly.
Each of the dApps launched will be using their own application specific SKALE chains. Key Use Cases Span DeFi, Real World Asset Tokenization, Distributed Marketplaces, Accountless NFT & Token transfers, RInvestor Communities, Social Media and more, bringing the First Multichain Network to Life.
SKALE said that its pooled security model enables speed, security, and decentralization to work in harmony, enabling developers to render an amazing user experience to end users void of any gas fees or latency. "Unlike most layer 1 and layer 2 networks, the SKALE architecture is built to support an ever-expanding set of dapp-specific chains,” said the firm, in its bridge announcement.
The SKALE Network is an open source project with many contributors including SKALE Labs, Inc. headquartered in San Francisco, CA. It is backed by investors like Winklevoss Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, Hashed, HashKey, Blockchange, ConsenSys Labs, and Multicoin Capital.
Brooker Belcourt, founder of Covey, said, "We knew we needed a scalability solution and SKALE offered us precisely what we needed at a reasonable cost, with remarkable speed, and a connection back to Ethereum. We’re very excited to go live, join our covey.io/open community to create a virtual portfolio, share your performance, and record your ideas on the SKALE blockchain today!"