$1B Medical Science Fund To Use Blockchain To Advance Human Longevity

The Longevity Science Foundation, a Swiss consortium of biotech founders, clinicians, and leading longevity research institutions, announced that it will spend over $1 billion over the next 10 years for research to achieve a 120-year human lifespan.
Led by Evelyne Bischof, the Foundation is advised by a Board of leading longevity researchers and is joined by Andrea B. Maier, Alex Zhavoronkov, Eric Verdin, and Matt Kaeberlein.
The Foundation will provide funding to promising longevity research institutions and groups around the globe. It will select support projects in four key areas of healthy longevity medicine and tech, i.e, therapeutics, personalized medicine, AI, and predictive diagnostics.
Foundation said that funding gaps have remained an obstacle to bringing longevity medicine out of the laboratory and into the real world.
The Longevity Science Foundation said that it is seeking to fund projects that can make a significant difference in people’s lives as soon as possible, even within five years. A key focuses of the foundation is to drive longevity medicine from theoretical concepts to real-world applications. It will provide funds to support the transformation of scientific findings and deep technological advances into treatments and solutions that could be used in real-world.
Source: longevity.foundation
Joining the Visionary Board of the Foundation is Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov who is known for his work on longevity and is also an advisor to blockchain medical data marketplace Longenesis. Longenesis along with Bitfury Group launched a joint project to establish a blockchain-based consent management system for the healthcare industry.
Foundation said that the contributors can also make donations with cryptocurrencies and will get voting rights to have a say in selecting which projects receive funding.
Alex Zhavoronkov, an expert in AI-powered drug discovery said that "the Foundation has created a unique and transparent mechanism for boosting early longevity research worldwide and ensuring mass public participation in decision making. This approach finally allows us to speak about getting closer to the idea of mass adoption of longevity ideas and treatments."
Garri Zmudze, LongeVC managing partner believes that paired with AI, blockchain will unlock hundreds of TB of unstructured hospital data for further analysis.