Learn Solidity Programming

Solidity is the programming language to write Ethereum Smart Contracts. This video series is a step by step Solidity learning guide. Thank you willitscale for publishing such a wonderful training. 
This training covers the following topics:  
  1. Introduction to Solidity
  2. Inheritance in Solidity
  3. Solidity Custom Modifiers and Error Handling
  4. Imports and Libraries In Solidity
  5. Event logging and Transaction Information In Solidity
  6. Data Types In Solidity
  7. String Functionality and Bytes
  8. Debugging Solidity Using Remix
  9. ERC20 Tokens and Creating your own Crypto Currency
  10. Deploying Tokens In Solidity
  11. Functional Assembly In Solidity
  12. Instructional Assembly In Solidity
  13. Transferring Ethereum Between Contracts
  14. Public vs External In Solidity
  15. Time Based Events In Smart Contracts
  16. Polymorphism In Solidity
  17. Randomness In Solidity
  18. Nested Arrays and Storage In Solidity
  19. Parameter Mapping and Multiple Return Values
  20. Truffle, Atom and TestRPC
  21. Developing an ICO/Crowdsale In Ethereum
  22. State Modifiers In Solidity
  23. Create Multisig Wallet
  24. Multisig Wallet cont. Multi Authentication
  25. Auditing, Security and Testing
  26. Getting started with browser development using Metamask